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A specialist in visual content creation, my professional life revolves around still and moving images.  A photographer, director, cinematographer, director, producer, DoP, editor and colourist.


I work with a wide spectrum of clients - both as a freelancer as well as through my production company Franklyn Lane Films.

My work also takes me across the world, meeting incredible people - and encountering fresh new visual or narrative challenges to overcome.  Part of this work includes helping to inspire and train the next generation of creative talent via workshops, Q&A's and traineeships.

I'm certain I'll be working in visual media forever as one of those lucky people who turned a hobby into a career - and who managed to stay there.

"Too much of a good thing can be truly wonderful!"

Apart from film and photography, I enjoy playing a range of instruments, reading, old Land Rovers and great coffee.

2018 has been incredible with the creation of many new works.  Find out more on my press page.




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