BAiL (Short) 20 mins 2019

Is there ever a good time to spy on your kids?

Written & directed by Kwame Lestrade


Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) 

Directors Award 2019 - Narrative Shorts

African Movie Academy Award (AMMA) for Best Diaspora Short Film 2019

Realtime International Film Festival (RTF) Best Foreign Short Film 2019

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Ah! Hard Rain (Short) 25 mins - in post

A fisherman’s tale.

Written & directed by Greta Mendez Cinematography & Edit by Kwame Lestrade




Black (Short) 1 min 2018

You stole my dream.

Written by Nana-Kofi Kufuor

Directed by Kwame Lestrade

Cinematography & edit by Kwame Lestrade



Here Comes the Bride (Short)1 min 2018

Advice from mum is important.

Written by Mikhael Deville

Directed by Usman Mullan

Filmed & edited by Kwame Lestrade


Jeremy & Annabel (Short) 2 mins 2017

A perfect second-date is ruined when Annabel makes a shocking discovery.

Written & directed by Kwame Lestrade

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Zen (Teaser) 2017

Injured and exhausted, Zen must survive long enough to find a portal - his only way home.

Written & directed by Kwame Lestrade

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We do what we can (Short) 15 mins 2017

A couple sets out to make a life for their child - but these things take a village.

Written & directed by Kwaku Awuku-Asabre

Co-produced by Kwame Lestrade & Max Ross


The Link (Short) 1 min 2018

There's always somebody watching.

Written by Manjeet Mann

Directed by Kwame Lestrade

Filmed & edited by Kwame Lestrade

CALM (Short) 14 min 2015

A father’s desire for respect costs him his daughter's love. 

Written & directed by Kwame Lestrade



African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) for Best Short Film 2015 


AWARDS : African Diaspora Film Festival UK for Best Short Film 2015

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Niño's Dimension (Short) 15 mins 2017

Niño must fight to save his bar whilst a rival gang wants to see him fail.

Written by Corrine Bougaard, directed by Daniell Urbas.   Cinematography & edit by Kwame Lestrade

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Bi the Way (Short) 15 mins 2017

Sometimes the only way to save a relationship is to break-up.

Written & Directed by Lawrence Coke Cinematography & edit by Kwame Lestrade